Sydney LED sign to focus on long-term cooperation, not one-time business;Immediate response to the needs of customers.As long as you have purchased our monitor, even beyond the warranty period, we will provide help for the first time for you to monitor the possibility of any problems.

Sydney LED sign will provide one year warranty, please refer to the official warranty file for more details.

Customers can send inspectors (2 people) or less goods to our factory for FAT (factory acceptance test) Sydney LED sign also provide professional courses before shipment, help customers to gain a better understanding of our LED display according to the Sydney LED sign training outline 3 days).Sydney LED sign will visit the inspector in Sydney with local catering and transport services.
1. Visit the factory and product introduction.
2. According to operation training.
3. The display system maintenance and repair of training.
4. The training of practice.
Can provide customized training courses according to the requirement.

Sydney LED sign to welcome customers to our factory for FAT (factory acceptance test), but it is a customer optional, they can give up on-site inspection, based on the review and approval according to the photos.

(module 1. Packing: carton with bubble bag of static electricity and no static foam packaging) + pallet (with plastic film packaging);
2. The project is the number of pallet packing the goods, weight and size.
3. Customers can make your own transportation, we will cooperate with freight forwarder to take goods.We also want to do transportation if asked for our customers.
4. Estimate the freight as follows (for reference only, the freight cost is always different, please refer to the final freight quotation)

Sydney LED Signs provide installation in Sydney.