1. General

1. Please print a copy of the terms and conditions, for future reference.The terms and conditions will not affect your statutory rights.

2. The following terms and conditions applicable to Sydney LED Signs through the Internet, E-mail, mail, fax and phone received all transactions.This is the only way to accept.To order goods through one of these methods, you must be at least 18 years of age, and the ability to accept delivery of the goods in Australia.

3. We failed to carry out any of these terms and conditions will not affect our execution of the rights of the remaining terms and conditions.The terms and conditions is subject to change without prior notice.

2. The goods that

1. Only list the brief technical specification.Complete specifications can be found in the manufacturer’s website or manual.We do not recommend any other sources.

2. All pictures and descriptions are provided on behalf of the manufacturer to our products.All products may decide to change or upgrade from the manufacturer.

(3) shown in the product information from our web design and production team from the manufacturer, supplier, publications and web sites were studied.This is the goal of the Sydney LED Signs, the information is accurate and up to date.But, in before or after you place the order, and specifications, fittings, special offers and promotions related information may change, without prior notice.

4. Read our terms and conditions, we recommend that you also check the corresponding manufacturer the terms and conditions, in order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with them

3. Order and pricing

1. Our website provides all of the products and services are depending on the supply situation, and can be withdrawn at any time.If we can’t provide goods or services, for any reason, we won’t charge you any payment made return with the same method as received.However, if we don’t provide goods or services, we will not be liable for any loss you may suffer from.

2. If the ordered products with our supplier out of stock, we will through the manufacturers or suppliers to provide our information to inform you.You should allow up to 14 days send goods.If delay more than 14 days, you will be choose to cancel the order, we will refund you pay any money.We will not for any loss caused by delivery of the goods, cost, damage, costs or expenses is liable

3. Any display special orders for the products will not be accepted a refund, unless there is a failure, because it is a special order for you, may not be resold.We can only through our manufacturers or suppliers to provide our information to provide delivery schedule, so can’t guarantee this information.

4. Orders can be online via our secure server, or call our sales department by using the method of all required fields must be complete and accurate to complete your order processing.

5. All orders for you and our security verification.Before processing your order, may require you to provide the address or identity certificate of the further information.False information may result in your order is delayed or refused.

6. We do not talk to any phone or order given in the inaccurate information is responsible for, because manufacturers and suppliers from time to time change the specifications and/or quotation.

7. If the product because of input error, error price, manufacturers, suppliers, tax or tariff changes and to not have the correct price list, we shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders to incorrect price list, even if the order has been confirmed.We will inform you the correct price, let you have the opportunity to cancel the order, and refund the payment of any sum, if the order has been cancelled.

8. All prices do not include GST (unless otherwise specified), and does not include the delivery cost shown when ordering.Cope with the total price will determine when you place an order, no matter whether the order confirmation.Sydney LED Signs reserves the right to 2% for credit card/debit card transactions.

9. Product, price and promotions are available during the show only (unless otherwise specified), and all depends on the supply situation.If any one change for your damage or period of time after you place the order to us is not available, we will contact with you before we continue with your order.

4. Payment and ownership of the goods

1. Sydney LED Signs accept most major credit/debit CARDS, including mastercard, Visa, Maestro (Switch), Solo, delta.You must provide us with your credit card/ATM card company provided exact billing address and phone number.Incorrect information will result in your order is processed delay or refusal.