Outdoor LED Display

We provide all LED display solutions,any model and size you need.
Just feel free to contact us for details.
We work closely with numerous leading retailers and shopping centres to communicate brand identity and drive sales across their stores; advising on the best signage solution to fit their requirements, sourcing and presenting new innovative products, and managing implementation with their staff and associated suppliers.
We have product solutions to suit temporary or permanent displays, portable or fixed. Our passionate consultants can assist you throughout the entire process. from planning to installation; creating stunning, engaging displays for your brand.

We have all kinds of model and size LED display.

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LED display Rental

Whether you need a small screen for home party or a larger screen for a business presentation, we have you covered. Just feel free to give us a call for help selecting the best screen for your event and the price details.

All rental solutions including delivery,installation,debugging and maintenance.

At Sydney LED Signs, we not only do we offer high quality products but we also try our best to meet your needs and expectations.

All Occasions  Rental Solution :
  • Concert
  • Exhibition
  • Wedding
  • Function
  • Commercial event
  • Summit meeting
  • Gala
  • Party
  • Live events

Mobile Advertising LED Display

What kind of  LED Display is best for me?

We have all kinds of LED Display,it depends what massage you want to display and the place,such like txt,images,or vedio.To determine which LED board is best for a given application, there are a number of things you need to consider, such as audience, location, size and the desired messages to communicate. Once these have been addressed, then we can select Sydney LED Sign which product will provide the maximum return on your investment.