LED display is a fast growing market since more & more people realize the significance of advertising during the events time and the cost of the video LED screen is decreasing greatly with the improved quality and stable performance.
Perimeter LED screen is usually used for the football, basketball games, and has the large size with long viewing distance.
For some locations that people do not have enough space behind the LED screens for maintenance and operation, we should make front serviceable LED sign, that is, the sign which people can repair from the front side. We have two methods. Firstly, we design and build front open cabinets. Secondly, we use front maintenance LED modules(P6.67, P8, P10).
Round Vision LED Display is next generation LED display by providing economic feasibility and high resolution. With unique 360 degree visibility and high resolution and contrast,it becomes new eye-catching tools for advertising. It can be used for indoor led application or outdoor led advertising.
What LED screen shall we make when we want to show advertisement on two opposite directions? Now it comes to the double face LED screens. Usually, the double face LED screen size is usually less than 10 square meters. So the specifications of small pixel pitch like P5, P6, P8 and P10 are the appropriate ones. Double face LED screen is also front-maintained, the same as front serviceable screen.
Large scale of the commercial advertising use LED video screen make your advertising signage be the center of your district’s attention. LED screen signage offers a powerful, cost-effective advertising solution that moves customers to purchase while they are in your area. Compared to other digital display technology, It offers energy efficiency and requires less maintenance. You can easily change digital signage messages without hiring someone to update messages manually.