1. If any quality problem in 1 year warranty, Sydney LED Signs should provide free maintenance service.
2. Sydney LED Signs in 1 year warranty wrong freight have any responsibility.
3. Once the 1 year warranty period expires, Sydney LED Signs shall provide repair service.
4. If any of the following situations occur, Sydney LED Signs not held responsible for any equipment failure:
4.1 unauthorized disassembly or repair;
4.2 the misuse of the fault;
4.3 beyond the warranty period;
Or damaged serial number 4.4 gap sealing adhesive tape;
5. In the following cases does not provide the warranty:
5.1 the user misuse damage;
5.2 due to fire, flood, earthquake damage, etc
Natural disasters;
5.3 incorrect operation caused by fault, including unauthorized disassembly, is not correct
Testing, etc.;
5.4 damage of casing damage or parts.
6. After-sale technical support costs.
Sydney LED Signs will send engineers to help installation and maintenance instructions, but the customer should bear all the after-sale technical service fees, including the visa fee, homestay fee, meals, transportation, etc.The client shall pay the engineer’s visa arrangements.